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The goal of Marketing is to increase awareness of ELSA Belgrade in society and it makes sure that ELSA Belgrade is presented in the right light as an organization that works in the best interest of law students and young lawyers enabling them to learn about other cultures and legal systems, travel, socialize and gain professional practice in the country and abroad.

Marketing sector is a pillar of the work of ELSA Belgrade because it provides the conditions for the implementation of activities in all sectors and carries out theirs, and the promotion of the organization, in the media, social networking, promotional stands etc.

MKT offers the possibility to publish expert and thematic papers in the journal “Sinergy ” published by ELSA International, as well as writing for the Bulletin of the Law Faculty, University of Belgrade – Acta diurna (which comes out twice a year).

Marketing organizes lectures and workshops  which are within the scope of this sector.

Besides cooperation with lawyers, MKT has a wide network of contacts in the world of PR managers and marketing leaders, which contributes to gaining experience in this field and further education of  lawyers to be.

Where better to practice public performance than in this sector?