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Seminars & Conferences  (S&C) complement the formal university education of law students through raising awareness of global, legal, social, economic and environmental issues.

Sector provides opportunities for learning about other cultures and legal systems in the spirit of critical dialogue and scientific co-operation and helps law students and young lawyers to be internationally minded and professionally trained in the legal profession. Key action for S&C sector include seminars, conferences, law schools and study visits.

Education in the form of seminars and conferences is being organized all over the world covering different legal areas with the participation of eminent experts in their field of work. Under the wing of ELSA International, national groups annually organize about 30 seminars where students have the opportunity to acquire a very useful, practical knowledge. ELSA Belgrade is in constant contact with local and national groups throughout Europe and regularly receives information about international seminars, conferences and law schools that our students can attend.

To contribute to the legal education of law students and young lawyers ELSA organises different types of scientific events. These events can be structured in different ways as set out below.

A seminar consists of several lectures on particular legal topic or area of law. Conference requires more individual participation and scientific contribution of the participants. The topic(s) is/are discussed in workshops to finally be reported to a plenary. International seminar or conference includes accommodation for participants and usually lasts 3 days. ELSA’s law schools are organized once a year, in close cooperation with academic and institutional partner  and lasts a minimum of 7 days. Study visits provide opportunities for members of ELSA to visit ELSA’s groups in other countries (ELSA-in network includes approximately 40,000 law students and young lawyers within forty-one countries), as well as to host groups from abroad in their country. Visits include an academic program that enables participants to exchange knowledge in the field of law. Study visit can be unilateral, bilateral or multilateral.