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“A small STEP during your studies, but a giant leap for your career!”

 The Student Trainee Exchange Programme


STEP sector (Student Trainee Exchange Programme) provides the opportunity for law students and young lawyers to gain work experience outside our borders. STEP practices represent a unique opportunity to gain practical legal experience, but also to get to know the culture of other countries. Duration of the practice is in the range from 2 weeks to 2 years.

What makes our practice different?

Our personal approach. Before and during the realization of the practice itself, ELSA provides assistance to practitioners in finding housing, obtaining visas and organizing social events in order to integrate the practitioner in the daily life of the local community in which it resides.

How to apply for STEP practice?

The opportunity to attend practice with only members of ELSA.

Candidates can register at three different practices at the same time.

When you find a practice which you are interested in, you must do the following:

  1. Consult your local ELSA group and find out who is responsible for the implementation of this program and
  2. Fill in the application form (which you have received from the local Vice President for STEP).

Do not forget to submit your application before the deadline for applying expires!

ELSA will take care of the rest of the process and inform you that you, after the final selection, are accepted for attending practices.

Please keep in mind that this is a process that can take up to four weeks.

Applications sent directly to employer will not be taken into account. Direct contact with employer conducted selection is prohibited.